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sapphire-youngThis series is for the men who love naughty shemale babes. Filmed by as award winning team for ‘TS Pornstars’, it stars Sapphire Young as the sexy, hairy stepmom , and Ana Mancini as the naughty girl with a great ass and a smooth boobs.
Ana Mancini is a twenty year old student who loves doing porn work. Ana loves to be a bottom girl and has a six inch cut cock. She has brown hair, is unbelievably cute, and has great brown, come to bed eyes. She is five feet nine inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. Ana has starred in nine hardcore movies for and over 37,000 of us have seen her getting ass fucked in a great jizz orgy in ‘Stepmom’s Secret Part 8.’
Sapphire Young is a good looking mature tranny with a hairy chest and is fantastic at being a mom or sister figure. She is a versatile ts-girl, has an eight and a half inch cut dick, and loves to have lots of cuddles. She has brown hair, blue eyes and is five feet ten inches tall. Sapphire has starred in eighteen hardcore flicks for the website and she also plays the girl in ‘Star A Shemale xxx Parody.’

This series starts off with Ana Mancini sitting down playing on her tablet rather than go out to work. her stepmom, Sapphire Young, has had enough of her lazy ways and bangs on her bedroom door. After getting no answer, Sapphire picks the lock and enters the room. she is angry with her naughty step daughter and tells her it’s about time she pulled her socks up. Right in the middle of Sapphire telling her off, Ana grabs her cock through her pants. Sapphire is shocked and moves away, only for Ana to try and do the same thing again. Ana teases Sapphire again and Sapphire can see that Ana already has a hard toy showing through her pants. Sapphire then asks Ana if she thinks she could handle her cock, and Ana says let’s find out.
Sapphire pushes Ana down to her knees in front of him, and Ana doesn’t waste any time by ripping the front of Sapphire’s pants open and sucking on Sapphire’s eight and a half inch shemale cock. Sapphire loves the way her stepmom’s mouth sucks her cock up and down and the way she plays with her hanging nut sack. They stand up, and as they kiss, Sapphire takes both their cocks in one hand and rubs them both together.
Sapphire sucks on Ana’s young hard dick for a while, and then turns her around so that she can eat her beautiful hot asshole out as Ana stands up and bends over. Ana is so horny that she push’s her ass back into Sapphire’s face to get her tongue deeper in her ass, and so she can feel the stubble on Sapphire’s face graze roughly against her wet entrance. Sapphire smacks Ana’s naughty ass just the once which makes Ana beg to be fucked.
Sapphire rolls a condom on and as she slams her cock deep into Ana’s ass, Ana closes her eyes and groans out as she can feel her asshole filling up with her stepmom’s cock deep inside him. The camera goes underneath them and we get a great view of Sapphire’s dick as it rams hard in and out of Ana’s ass like a piston on a runaway train.
Ana Mancini then gets on top and rides Sapphire’s cock before Sapphire gets so excited and flips her over onto her back and fucks her in the missionary position. They grunt and groan the whole time in sheer ecstasy, and Ana gets so excited that her stepdad is fucking her naughty ass at last, her cum shoots out into an arch and splatters on her smooth tattooed chest. Sapphire Young looks up at the cum splattered body, pulls her aching dick out and as her dick throbs, her salty but sweet spunk dribbles onto Ana’s hot sweaty body.
In true style, Sapphire looks at her cum covered stepson and tells her that this still won’t get her off from going to work.

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